Student Leadership Program

The Student Leadership Program was developed to facilitate the first-year experiences of students at California Lutheran University within the Student Support Services Program. Student Leaders help freshmen transition to a college environment by providing them with the emotional, social, and personal support essential to the successful completion of an academic degree. Student Leaders are students who have successfully completed training in paraprofessional counseling skills and know the ins and outs of the SSS program. During the academic year, they host events, present workshops, keep in contact with their mentees, and attend ongoing leadership training sessions. Please contact SSS if you are interested in becoming a part of the Student Leadership Program.

2015-2016 Student Leaders


Bryson Contrades '18


Mariana Fonseca '18

Czarina Gutierrez '16

Paulina Nunez '17

Veronica Ramos '16

Isabel Zaragoza '16