Probation: Your cumulative or CLU GPA fell below a 2.0. Once on probation, students must attain a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher in the first semester after being placed on probation. If this is not accomplished, the student will be placed on academic suspension.

Suspension: You may not take classes at CLU and it lasts one full academic year. The following students are placed on suspension:

  1. Students who fail to achieve a semester GPA of at least a 2.0 in the first semester after being placed on academic probation
  2. Students who fail to raise the cumulative or CLU GPA to at least a 2.0 by the end of the second semester after being place on academic probation.
  3. Students who have returned to probation and who fail to achieve a minimum 2.0 cumulative CLU GPA in the first semester after returning to probation.

Students in group #3 are then disqualified from attending CLU if they fail to raise their GPA to a 2.0 in the first semester upon returning to CLU.

Disqualification: You did not achieve the 2.0 in your probation semester, overall, and CLU cumulative GPA's in the one semester you were given upon returning from suspension. You are no longer able to return to CLU and it can NOT be petitioned. You will need to attend another institution if you desire to complete your baccalaureate degree.


You must meet with your SSS Academic Counselor by calling the Student Support Services office to make an appointment by the first week of school. Elements of the contract include:

  • Signed contract by the add/drop deadline
  • Bring your GPA's (term, cumulative and institutional) to at least 2.0
  • Complete mandatory weekly study hours
  • Meet with your Academic Counselor bi-montly
  • Have no more than 12 semester credits
  • Attend monthly workshops semester put on by SSS


To get off suspension you will need to attend another institution for one full academic year. During that year, in either the Fall or Spring semester you must complete 12 academically transferable credits and obtain a 3.0 in those classes. At that point you can petition for re-admission.

To petition you will need to write a letter that should be addressed to the Academic Standing Committee. Drop it off or mail it to the Student Support Services Director.

The letter MUST address and cite examples:

  • Why specifically you ended up on probation the first time
  • Why you were not able to get off probation while at CLU
  • What you did differently at the other school to make you more successful
  • What you are going to do when you return to CLU to continue your success

The Director of SSS will bring your petition to the Academic Standing Committee (meets 1-2 times a month) and you will be notified by mail of the outcome.

There is no petition for disqualification. It is a final exit status for the student. You will need to apply to another institution to complete your studies.

Please remember...

Even if you successfully complete your academic probation contract, you will need to work with financial aid to avoid financial aid probation for failure to complete 24 credits in one academic year.

Applying for Re-Admission

You will need to write a letter addressed to the Academic Standing Committee dropped off at the office of Student Support Services. This letter will need to address:

  1. Why you were on probation (specific causes and documented proof if necessary). A key here is personal and honest reflection as to why you ended up on probation.
  2. What you have done to change the situation. Include specific steps, support systems, or changes you have implemented.
  3. What you will do to change the problems you were having to cause probation at CLU. Give specifics and how they directly relate to #1.
  4. A 4-year plan for graduation including classes, or however many years/semesters it will take for you to graduate. Include all the classes needed for your completion.

This petition will then be taken by the Director of SSS to a board for approval of re-admissions. If you are approved for re-admission, you will then need to meet with your SSS Academic Counselor and make another contract for success. You have one more semester to be successful. If you are not able to bring all of your GPA's to a 2.0 or higher (cumulative and term) then you will be disqualified.


What happens if I don't sign the contract or don't fulfill the terms of the contract? If you don't sign the contract by the add/drop deadline of your probation semester, all of your classes will be dropped from your schedule. You will have to contact SSS (x3535) before you can attend them.

If you don't fulfill the contract, your registration will be held up between 2 days and 32 BUSINESS days. The ratio is available in the office as to how registration holds are calculated.

What is after Suspension?

If you were afforded the opportunity to return to CLU and were unsuccessful, meaning that all of your GPA's were not successfully raised to a 2.0 or higher in one semester, then you will be placed on Disqualification. Disqualification is when you are restricted from returning to CLU and will not be allowed to return. This status is NOT PETITIONABLE - EVER.

Appealing Suspension/Probation

I don't agree with my Probation or Suspension...

If you don't agree with being placed on Probation or Suspension due to extenuating circumstances or clerical error, you may simply write a letter to the Academic Standing Committee and drop it off to the Director of SSS (x3535) and he/she will bring it to the committee for evaluation.

Sample letter for re-admission

What do I write in my letter for re-admission?

We would be happy to help you with a letter and even provide a sample for you when you come in to visit the office. You should know your SSS Academic Counselor very well by the time you write the letter so it should not take much time. Contact us at x3535.