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ASB 2015: Participant Info

Here are important and helpful documents for you as we head out of the country. Please share with family and friends who may want to know about the flight information, safety matters, etc.

Donation Letter:

ASB15 Fundraising Letter
Feel free to use this and make adjustments as necessary.

Flight Information: We will be flying out of LAX to San Salvador, El Salvador, and Habitat for Humanity will be in charge of our transportation in El Salvador. Transportation to and from LAX is also included in the cost of the trip.

Alcohol and Other Drug Use:

You are responsible for knowing and adhering to the CLU policy while on the trip. Drinking and using drugs while attending the Alternative Break is NOT tolerated.

Avoiding Montezuma's Revenge:

Helpful tips and important information from the CDC to keep safe and healthy while abroad.  You are responsible for making appointments with Health Services or your health provider ASAP to ensure that your health information is up to date!

Packing list:

Not yet available.


A detailed itinerary is not yet available.
Travel precautions: Medical and safety tips, requirements and recommendations

Regular immunizations  (DPT, MMR, polio, tetanus)
Travel immunizations—can be done at health center on campus!
Other preventative measures (Pepto, Dramamine, Ematrol, etc.)

We will let you know about any specific required immunizations as we get that information. Email Karen at or Melissa at with any questions.

Of course there are some risks when traveling at home or abroad. We take great care to plan as best we can and be safe on the ground so we can enjoy the benefits of experiencing another culture and another corner of our world, including:

* CLU checks travel alerts to be aware of all risks as posted by the US State Department

* There are risk management and emergency plans made by CLU and our international host site.

* During free time, participants are taken to areas known by our international site host; participants are instructed to travel in groups

* CLU staff keeps multiple copies of passport and travel information both with the group and back at the University; travel itineraries and emergency contacts are stored with University Administration, and some information is posted here on the website.

* If you have concerns about the safety of this experience, please contact Karen at or Melissa at


Please contact Karen or Melissa

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