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Educate Yourself! - Immigration

Immigration is the arrival of settlers in new country: the act of entering a new country to settle permanently.


  • The 2006 US Census found that 177,489 of the citizens in Ventura County, CA were foreign born.
  • The number of foreign born citizens in Ventura County has increased by 13.8% from 2000 to 2006 according to the 2006 US Census.

Visit the Grantmakers Concerned with Immigration and Refugees website for more information on immigration in Ventura County. The information above is taken from the 2006 census.


  • According to the 2000 US Census, 11.1 % of the United State's population was foreign born. Of those foreign born citizens, 40.3% were naturalized US Citizens and 59.7% were not citizens.
  • Of the foreign born population in 2000, 51.7% were born in Latin America, 26.4% in Asia, 15.8% in Europe, 2.8% in Africa, 2.7% in North America and .5% in Oceania.

Visit for more information on immigration in the United States.


  • According to the European Commission's Justice and Home Affairs Department, the average % of foreign born persons in the 25 EU countries is 5.07%.

Visit for more information on European Union immigration and