Community Service Center

Alternative Break Trips

Want to do something more with your break?

Alternative breaks are an exciting way to spend a week serving and learning with the communities we visit!

Our trips offer hands-on service as well as time for reflection and discussion, alongside time to rest, re-charge and recreate. We are to be of service as the local community needs us, rather than imposing what we think the community needs. Civic Engagement is at the center of our consciousness: we go to learn about our role in our global society and the related social justice issues through providing lasting and sustainable service projects to the community. Our goal is to both learn about and provide for the community.

We offer 2 major trips every year (click the trip name for more info):

- Alternative Winter Break, during the last week of winter break, allows us to travel elsewhere in the US to an area affected by various natural disasters.

- Alternative Spring Break is our oppportunity to spend spring break in another country, learning about their culture, social justice issues, and providing service to the community that will last beyond our time there.

Sometimes, a third trip has also been offered (click the trip name for more info)

- Alternative Summer Break, during the first week of Summer Break, allows us to take another trip within the United States to provide our service to communities in need. There will not be an Alternative Summer Break trip in 2015. Check back again next year.