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Fall 2014 Flag Football


Schmoney Team Takes it Home!


After a hard fought game, Schmoney team took home the Intramural Flag Football Championship 49-32!

The players all fought hard, with Josh Guzman leading the team at quarterback, contributing 6 touchdowns. The first half was very close, with the game being tied 20-20 at the break. The game turned as soon as the second half started, with Matthew Ritz scoring on a pick 6 on the first play. From that point on, Schmoney team never looked back, and were unstoppable on offense. Ashely Eggleston takes home our Championship MVP award, scoring 3 TD's and being a lockdown defender, picking up a large number of flag pulls.

Congrats to Schmoney Team!


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All games will be played on Sunday afternoons from 11pm - 3pm. Teams compete in a 7-on-7 format and each team must have 2 or more members of each gender on the field at a time. The game consists of 20 minute halves with a running clock, on an 80 yard field. Touchdowns are worth 6 points and teams can elect to go for one extra point, or two, which is determined by the distance from the end zone. A first down can only be achieved by crossing the mid-field line.


Tackling in flag football is not allowed and should never be attempted. If Player A tackles Player B at any point of the game, Player A will be ejected from the game along with the Captain of his or her team. Player A will also be suspended from the next game. The Captain of player A's team is only ejected from the rest of the game that the tackle took place. Definition of a tackle is written to the most detail possible below:

It is important to know that these calls are based on the student referees discretion. Intramural referees make calls to the best of their ability.

Tackling: Any intentional attempt made to stop the opposing team from advancing by physically forcing that opposing player to the ground. These attempts typically involve a clear hold of the opposing player (arms wrapped around the player, intentionally crashing into the opposing player knocking them to the ground)

  • Holding an opposing player by the clothing or body part to hinder their progress will result in a five yard penalty. Know that if you hold a player and bring them down to the ground, this results in an tackle.
  • Diving for a flag will result in a five yard penalty. Know that if you dive for a flag and cause the opposing player to fall to the ground in any way, this results in a tackle.

This rules are set in place to provide a safe atmosphere for students to compete in. Intramural referees call the game to the best of their ability and the calls are based on their discretion.

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