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Hall Cup Tournaments


2014-2015 Hall Cup



Hall Cup Kickball Tournament
Game 1
11:00 AM - North Field  Game 5
Thompson 12:30 PM - North Field 
vs Winner of Game 1 Championship Game
Grace / Trinity Game 7
1:15 PM - North Field
Game 2 vs Winner of Game 5
11:00 AM - North Field 
MKH (Mogan, Kramer, Houses)
vs Winner of Game 2
New West
Game 3
11:45 AM - North Field  Game 6
Pederson 12:45 PM - North Field 
vs Winner of Game 3
Game 4 vs Winner of Game 6
11:45 AM - North Field 
Mt. Clef
vs Winner of Game 4
Old West


Saturday, November 8th!


General Policies

Team Restrictions: Each Res Hall or Commuter Team can have only one team for this tournament.

Gender Restrictions: Team must have 3 of each gender playing on the field or in the line up at all times.

Registration: All players must complete the individual registration process before they can participate

Gameplay Rules


Questions? Email Dominic Lunde