Intramural Sports & Fitness

Rules & Eligibility

Code of Conduct

The mission of Intramural Sports is to bring together students who inspire teamwork and healthy lifestyle while having fun and competing in a friendly environment.  That is why it is important to state the following:

  • Physical or verbal abuse of the officials or student coordinators will not be tolerated. Individuals who do so will be ejected from the game, and will not be able to play again until meeting with one of the Coordinators of Intramural Sports and possibly, may be subject to campus disciplinary action with the Judicial Affairs Office. Physical abuse of any nature could possibly result in having official charges filed with the Thousand Oaks Police Department. Ejections result in an automatic suspension for that game and the next, unless the student meets with the Coordinator for Recreational Sport before the next match. Any person or team who has been ejected will be on suspension for the remainder of the year.
  • The presence of alcohol or other drugs consumed on the premises or before coming to the premises will not be tolerated.  If alcohol or other drugs are suspected, the Coordinator has the right to eject a player or ask a fan to leave the premises. 
  • Alcohol and Intramurals do not mix - This will be strictly enforced this, if you come with alcohol in your system and it is detected to any degree you will be asked to leave, if it happens twice you not be allowed to participate the rest of the semester. The third time you are out for the remainder of the year.
  • Only team captains have the right to approach officials to question a call or discuss the rules, and this can only be done during time-outs in a polite manner. Officials will only talk to the team captains, and will not talk with them if they are using profanity or threatening behavior.
  • Profanity or aggressive gestures towards other players / officials / coordinators / or administrators will not be tolerated and could possibly result in an ejection from the game and possibly from the intramural season.
  • Verbal abuse of any kind towards anyone in the facility could result in an ejection or possible removal from Intramural Sports.
  • Fighting will result in an immediate ejection.
  • A participant will be ejected if they mistreat the facilities or equipment.
  • Captains may also be ejected from the game for the behavior of their team.


If you violate any of the previously stated items you are subject to penalty.  Minor penalties will cover leaving the intramural facility for the night.  Major penalties will result in suspension in ejection from the league and possibly intramurals for the entire year.  These penalties are at the discretion of the Coordinator for Intramural Sports in accordance with reports from the Intramural officials.  

Remember that officiating is not an easy job, and that in an ideal world we would have more officials per game, or paid professionals.  However, this is not the case, so please respect the job they are doing!  They make calls the best that they can see them.  You are not perfect and neither are they.  Thank you for your understanding and participation!