Professional Staff

Staff Profile

Elizabeth Manuel
Coordinator for Student Involvement and Wellness Programs

Location: Student Life Modular Unit #1
Phone: (805) 493-3950









Wilmington, NC

Graduating Institutions

University of North Carolina Wilmington, B.S.
University of Georgia, M. Ed.

Years Worked at CLU


Student Affiliation Groups

Wellness Programs
ASCLU Executive Cabinet
ASCLU Programs Board

Favorite Place on Campus:

Chapel Rose Garden

Favorite memory at Cal Lutheran:

Looking forward to all the memories to be made!


1 Dog back home in North Carolina- Oscar Meyer Wiener


Being Outside, Going to the Beach, Crafting, Attending Sporting Events.

Favorite Place to Hangout Nearby:

I love exploring local restaurants!

Coffee Order:

Anything as sweet and chocolatey as possible!

Favorite Food:

Carolina BBQ