New Student Orientation

For Traditional Undergraduate Students

Schedule of Events for First-Year Students

The transition to college is one of the biggest steps you will take in life and New Student Orientation has been created to make this transition as stress-free as possible. New Student Orientation is all about you getting settled in a new environment, planning for a year full of academic and social growth, and getting to know new people.

Saturday, September 1, 2012
7:00am-1:00pm Student Parking Pass and ID Cards
8:00am-12:00pm New Student Check In for Orientation and Residence Halls
10:00am-11:30pm Commuter New Student Check In for Orientation
11:00am-12:45pm CLU Community Connection
11:30am-12:45pm Lunch
1:00pm-1:35pm President's Welcome
1:35pm-2:05pm FERPA Session - Students
2:05pm-2:30pm Class of 2016 Picture
2:35pm-3:20pm Get to know your Peer Advisor and Peer Group
3:20pm-3:50pm  Meet your Faculty and Mentor Team
4:00pm-4:30pm First Year Family Members meet Faculty Advisors
3:50pm-4:30pm Residence Hall Meetings
4:00pm-4:30pm Commuter Meeting
4:30pm-6:30pm Student Parking Pass and ID Cards
4:45pm-5:15pm Accessibility Resources for Students with Disabilities
5:00pm-6:30pm President's Reception and Family Send-Off
6:30pm-7:30pm Class of 2016 Dinner
7:30pm-9:00pm Playfair
9:30pm-10:30pm Residence Hall Activities
Sunday, September 2, 2012
8:00am-11:00am Student Parking Pass and ID Cards
9:00am-10:30am Breakfast
11:00am Meet Up to Go to Your Faculty Home Visits
11:30am-1:30pm Faculty Home Visits
2:00pm-2:30pm Book Talk
2:45pm-3:15pm We Talk About God
3:30pm-4:30pm The Final Destination: A Trek through CLU
4:30pm-5:30pm Painting the Rocks
5:30pm-7:00pm Dinner
8:00pm-9:30pm Connect 5
Monday, September 3, 2012
7:00am-9:00am Breakfast
8:00am-5:00pm Student Parking Pass and ID Cards
9:00am-9:30am Freshmen Seminar
9:30am-10:15am English Placement Testing
10:30am-1:00pm Freshman Advising
10:30am-11:30am Bookstore, Cash, Southpark and other Info   
11:00am-1:00pm Lunch
12:00pm-5:00pm Student Library Orientation and Open House
12:30pm-1:15pm Undergraduate Research: What Can I Do at CLU?
1:00pm-3:00pm Job Fair
2:00pm Men's Soccer Game
1:30pm-2:15pm Undergraduate Research: What Can I Do at CLU?
2:30pm-4:30pm Foreign Language Placement Exam
3:00pm-4:00pm Welcome to the CLU Honors Program
3:30pm-4:30pm Bookstore, Cash, Southpark and other Info   
4:00pm-5:00pm 4-to-Finish Information Session
4:00pm-5:00pm Veterans and Military Families
4:30pm-5:00pm Bleed Purple. Give Gold
5:00pm-6:30pm Multicultural & International Reception
5:30pm-7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm-9:30pm The Adventures of the Naked Roommate & everything else you never knew you needed to know about college.
Tuesday, September 4, 2012
7:00am-9:00am Breakfast
9:15am Meet your Peer Advisor
9:30am-10:45am Convocation
10:45am-11:30pm Service Learning Speaker
11:30am New Student lunch
11:30am-6:00pm You Got Served
5:30pm-7:00pm Dinner 
7:00pm-8:30pm Costco Outing
Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Classes Begin

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