New Student Orientation

For Traditional Undergraduate Students

A Letter to parents of First Year and Transfer Students

From Steve Woods, Director of Student Accounts

Dear New Students and Parents:

The 2012-2013 academic year is bringing about lots of changes that will ensure both students and the University have a strong financial strategy to cover expenses. All returning and newly admitted undergraduates will have a Pre-bill, Payment Contract, and tuition insurance information sent to them in early June.

This packet has the material to help students gain financial clearance by the all important financial clearance date of August 3rd, 2012. Gaining financial clearance from the student accounts office allows the student to maintain the class schedule they’ve pre-registered for. Course cancellation begins August 6th for those students without clearance.

Financial clearance is gained when two things happen:

  1. The student returns a signed and completed Payment Contract to Student Accounts
  2. The student remits payment for the estimated balance due on the pre-bill
  3. The student signs up for a Monthly Payment Plan through our third party payment plan provider. Registration for this program can be done as early as June to reduce the monthly payment amount, but no later than August. The down payment and enrollment fee are due at the time of plan registration. Any questions, you can call Barbara Culbert at (805) 493-3173.

If financial aid, awards, and scholarships cover all remaining costs then steps 2 and 3 can be skipped. However, students must sign up for a Monthly Payment Plan if they are not paying the full balance due by the financial clearance date.

If financial clearance is not granted by August 6th, students will be dis-enrolled from their classes.

Detailed information on the Monthly Payment Plan and tuition insurance will be included in the pre-bill packet. Also look for forms and information in early May on our Student Accounts website.

Steve Woods
Manager of Student Receivables
(805) 493-3180
CLU Business Office
60 West Olsen Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

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