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In Case of Emergency



Calling 911 should be the first step in an emergency.
Don't be afraid to help save a life.


Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

Will differ between each person and may include some of the signs below.

Mental confusion, stupor, coma, unable to rouse the person ∙ No response to pinching of the skin ∙ Vomiting while sleeping or unresponsiveness Seizures Slowed Breathing (slower than 8 breaths per minute) Irregular breathing (10 seconds or more between breaths) Hypothermia (low body temperature) Bluish skin color Paleness


Alcohol Poisoning Requires Immediate Attention...
Drinking black coffee, taking a cold shower, sleeping or walking it off cannot reverse alcohol poisoning.

Call your RA (on campus) or 911 (off campus) if any of these symptoms happen to someone you're with while consuming alcohol.


Ways to Protect Yourself From Being Drugged

  • Drink from tamper-proof bottles or cans and insist on opening them yourself.
  • Be particularly cautious about drinking out of a wide-mouthed glass.
  • Do not ask someone to watch your drink while you dance, go to the bathroom, etc. Even if you trust the person watching your drink, they may get distracted.
  • Covering your drink with a coaster is NOT protection!
  • Insist on personally observing while any drink you have is mixed or prepared.
  • If the situation does not seem safe, trust your instincts.

Educate Yourself to Protect Yourself!

  • Most Date Rape Drugs are odorless, tasteless, and colorless.
  • Symptoms can include: Nausea, Vomiting, Uncontrollable Drowsiness, Tremors, Loss of Consciousness

    **Symptoms typically occur within 1 hour of consumption**