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Interested in working out but not necessarily doing workouts in your room? Below are a list of local hiking places that allow you to get up, get active outside of your room! All within a few short minutes.


  • Potrero Ridge Trail
    • Potrero Ridge extends roughly from Helga Court (off of Lynn Rd) east to Rancho Dos Vientos at the west end of the Dos Vientos neighborhood. The ridge has major breaks through which Wendy Rd, Reino Rd, Via Las Brisas and Rancho Dos Vientos pass. The Potrero Ridge Open Space encompasses the eastern part of Potrero Ridge in Newbury Park. There are many trails here, most of them not very long and some of them hilly.
  • Topanga State Park
  • Los Robles Trail West
    • The Los Robles Trail starts near Hampshire Road near the 101 Freeway and ends at Potrero Road near Wendy Drive.
  • Wood Ranch, Lang Ranch, Woodbridge and Oakbrook Regional Park
  • Wildwood
  • Calabasas
    • Calabasas has a spider's web of trails with a large number of access points. Many are newer trails and are built to modern standards - smooth singletracks with many switchbacks to limit the steepness. The Calabasas Peak Motorway provides a climbing challenge for everyone, and the Calabasas Historic Trail, close to the 101 Freeway, is part of the missionary route from San Diego to San Francisco, El Camino Real, this section of which became part of the Ventura Highway before it was expanded to the current 101 Freeway.
  • Los Virgenes View Trail
    • The Las Virgenes View Trail is fantastic trail, well maintained and with some great views; it's only about 2.5 miles long. We use it as an add-on to other rides in the area. It starts at the corner of Mulholland Hwy and Las Virgenes Road, only a couple of hundred yards from where the Grasslands Trail in Malibu Creek State Park crosses Mulholland, and heads north-east.
  • Malibu Creek State Park
  • Point Mugu State Park

Check out http://venturacountytrails.org/ for more information and trails.

Below are a list of workouts that allow you to workout without having to go to the gym.

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