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What Does Drinking Responsibly Mean to You?

  • Make a plan: decide how much you want to drink and stick with it.

  • Designate a sober driver – someone who has had nothing to drink, not just the person who has had the least.

  • Know your limit. Understand that your limit may be different than those around you.

  • Tell someone you trust where you're going and when you expect to be back.
  • Never go out alone.
  • Come home with the same number of people you originally left with-- be certain no one is left behind.

What does One drink actually mean?

Whether it's served slightly chilled, at room temperature, in a mixed drink, or on the rocks, one drink is equal to...

One 12 oz. beer at 4% alcohol.

One 5 oz. glass of wine at 11% alcohol.

One 1.5 oz. shot of hard liquor at 40% alcohol or 80 proof.

Be sure to look at the label to determine the alcohol percentage or proof.

Local Cab Numbers:

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T.O. Cab Company

Yellow Cab Company