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Are you a perfect 10?

We’ve gotcha covered- 10 quick steps for proper condom usage!

1. Check expiration date.

2. Lightly squeeze the package to feel for an air bubble.

3. Open the package carefully—no scissors, knives, or teeth!

4. Hold the condom so it looks like a sombrero—with the rim rolled upwards.

5. Pinch air from the tip with your thumb and forefinger.

6. Place the rolled up condom against the end of the hard penis or toy.

7. With your other hand, unroll it down to the base of the penis. If you have a foreskin, pull it back before rolling on the condom.

8. You may want to add more water-based lubricant to the outside of the condom or even a drop on the tip. This reduces the risk of the condom breaking. Never use oil-based lubricants!

9. Right after finishing: hold the rim of the condom tightly at the base of the penis and pull out before the penis becomes soft. Try not to spill semen.

10. Throw away used condom. Never reuse a condom.

Put the condom on before your penis or toy enters your partner’s body, not just right before ejaculation.

You're on your way to becomg a perfect 10!