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With just a few hours a week you can get ahead academically and still have plenty of time for summer fun!

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Summer Housing

Trinity photo

Trinity Hall is our first residence hall to feature classrooms, six-bedroom suites and studio apartments.

Trinity Hall has two fully equipped classrooms, a reflection of the national movement toward live/study or live/work experiences.

Most of the suites in the $16.5 million facility contain four single bedrooms and a shared living room, kitchen and bathroom. But there are also some six-bedroom suites and studio apartments. Common areas include study areas, a lounge and community kitchen.

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Summer Housing Rates for 2015

Session Rate Move in Date Move out Date
Full Summer: May 18 - Aug 28 $2,870 May 18, 2015 August 15*
Session 1: May 26 - Jul 3 $1,160 May 25, 2015 July 3-5
Session 2: Jul 6 - Aug 14 $1,160 July 5, 2015 August 15
Session 3: Jun 22 - Aug 14 $1,540 June 21, 2015 August 15

*This date is subject to change. Residence Life staff will notify you if this is not the move out date.

Full Summer: If you are staying on campus for the full summer, you will move directly from your Spring housing assignment into your Summer Housing assignment and then at the end of the summer you will move directly to your Fall housing assignment. You will not need to completely vacate at any point.