Sustainability Stories


Several groups at Cal Lutheran jump started activities to promote environmental awareness. The Fillanthropy ad campaign, a class project in Communication 482 (Advertising), encouraged students to recycle and re-fill plastic water bottles. Handing out the free items to students, the group advertised and held events pointing out the environmental benefits of home-filtered water over store-bought bottled water.

At one Fillanthropy event on campus, more than 400 students pledged to reduce their bottled-water waste, according to Patrick Slavin, one of the organizers who still maintains a blog promoting substitutes for bottled water at

rEthink - Unplug Your Planet

Real clients, real money

The Spring 2008 Advanced Advertising Campaigns class received a grant from the city of Thousand Oaks to create an electronic waste awareness campaign.

The "rEthink" campaign not only gave the students some insight into social marketing, but provided a valuable service to the community.

Earth Day Art Installation

The Alchemy Tree

Professor Michael Pearce's Earth Day art installation promoted awareness of resource consumption, suspending 836 water bottles (the annual amount used by an average family) from a California Oak.