Water Efficiency

Requirement: Reduce the overall consumption of potable water by the building and site landscaping.

Water reducing strategies were implemented for both the building and the site landscaping and irrigation

  1. Water Efficient Landscaping
    • The heart of the water saving technology is a weather-based evapotranspiration controller. The controller gathers local evapotranspiration weather data daily and continuously self-adjusts the schedule so that watering takes place only when the plants need it.
    • Separate irrigation bubblers are used at the trees to encourage deeper roots which allows them to withstand extended drought conditions.
    • Use of native plants. The native plants used are very drought tolerant and can have their water reduced further as they mature.
  2. Reduce Building Water Use by Installing Low Flow Facilities:
    • Dual-flush valves on the toilets use only 1.1/1.6 gallons per flush. The low flush is positioned to be "down" on the handle, maximizing the potential to have the low flush used.
    • "One-pint flush" urinals.
    • Lavatory faucets meter water at 0.5 gpm and shut off automatically.
    • Overall water savings calculated at 36.9% over standard fixtures.