Alternative Transportation

Requirement: Reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use. Vehicle operation significantly contributes to global change and air quality problems through the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants from combustion engines. Implementation of this credit is intended to promote the use of alternative fuel and alternative technology vehicles.

Option 2: Preferred Parking for Low-Emitting/ Fuel Efficient Vehicles Provide preferred parking for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles for 5% of the total vehicle parking capacity of the site.


According to the City of Thousand Oaks parking ordinance, the Swenson Center construction would have required 109 new parking spaces.

However, the Swenson Center does not contribute to an increase in the number of required parking spaces because it will be utilized by students, faculty and staff who are currently on campus; therefore, the City waived the requirement for 109 new parking spaces.

However, CLU believes strongly in the purpose of this credit, and we have designated six (6) preferred parking spaces for low-emitting/fuel efficient vehicles along the north side of Faculty Street, as shown on the figure. These parking spaces are sign posted and clearly outlined in green. Preferred parking will be enforced by campus security as part of their regular parking enforcement duties.