Parking Capacity

Requirement: The intent is to reduce pollution and land development impacts from single occupancy vehicle use.

Implementation: CLU is not providing any new parking for this project (Option 4), based on the analysis of previous parking studies performed for the campus development. The April 2000 Crain & Associates Parking Management Plan for California Lutheran University projected that the campus peak demand at buildout would be 1,740 parking spaces. The Crain Study proposed a total inventory of 2,585 parking spaces on campus to meet the demand of the 1999 Campus Master Plan, which CLU continues to build out.

The table provides the total inventory breakdown of required parking spaces on campus at full buildout of the 1999 CLU Master Plan, and the available inventory of existing parking spaces. CLU currently has 2,353 of the required total inventory of 2,585 parking spaces available on campus. The remainder of the parking space buildout (215 spaces) will be required on North Campus.

Location Total Number of Parking Spaces Required for 1999 Campus Master Plan Demand at Total Buildout Existing Parking Available on Campus
South Campus off-street parking spaces 1375 1373
North Campus off-street parking spaces 915 550
On-street campus parking 430 430(1)
Less spaces in front of homes on South Campus -135  
Total required/available parking 2,585 2,353
Resolution No. 22-2007PC, Community Pool (reduce required parking to 898) -17  
Revised total required parking 2,568  

(1) Approximately 222 street parking spaces available on Campus Drive, Chapel Lane, Regents Avenue and Memorial Parkway Approximately 208 street parking spaces available on Luther Avenue, Pioneer Avenue, and Faculty Street