The CLU Writing Center

Graduate Writing Support


In-Person Consultations

At any stage of the writing process, writers can meet with a trained consultant to generate feedback and strategies to imporve writing projects, and better yet, writing skills.

Online Consultations

For writers who commute or need to work remotely, this option offers the same service during a real-time appointment with a writing consultant online. Our online consultation and takes place on a no-setup, web-based meeting and collaboration online space.

NOTE: Graduate writers are encouraged to seek consultations with any of our graduate and undergraduate writing consultants. All of our staff are trained and equipped to work with all CLU writers from diverse programs and fields of study on writing or writing related projects.



Graduate writing groups are open to all CLU graduate students. There are normally 3 to 5 people in each group based on the programs the students are in—education, management, pyschology, etc. Students may come to The Writing Center with a group already assembled or they may send individual requests through email to Jen Lagedrost to be placed in a writing group.

For more information about Graduate Writing Groups, please contact the graduate coordinator at