You Lead a Mean Trail

Additional Photographs


Barbara on rock in Colorado

Chapter 1: Early Years

Barbara as toddler
Barbara in grade school
Barbara before kindergarten 1935
Bill & Barbara
Bill & Barbara
mother & father bathing suits 1923
mother & Flora bathing suits 1923
uncle and father baby pictures 1895
stray cat Bootsie
letter to Aunt Dorothy - age 8
first story page 1 - age 7
first story page 2 - age 7
first story page 3 - age 7
skiing - Barbara, Bill, my father
Cornelius Schenck, father on boat
Barbara at Bates College

Chapter 2: Undergraduate College Years

Trail to Schweitzertor
milking cows at Gruscher Alp
Matterhorn from Zermatt
newspaper articles
Barbara in lederhosen
Barbara graduation photo
Barbara on grass Bates College

Chapter 3: Graduate School

Barbara and Larry in uniform
Dr. Shaub
Mrs. (Mary) and Dr. Shaub
rock outcrop with calcite crystals
Bill's wedding
kaolinite clay
montmorillonite clay
allophane clay
halloysite clay
Larry and Barb cutting cake at wedding

Chapter 4: Europe in the late 1950s

Barbara in dirndl
Kaiserslautern market place
blue ice cave in glacier
Ehrenfels castle ruins, grape vineyards
cart and stacked manure
St. Mark's Square
clothes line along canal
camping in Holland
fire in ash on Mt. Vesuvius
stepping stones in Pompeii
Matterhorn Italian side fresh snow
Linderhof castle
house and barn combined
women with colorful costumes
canal and houses in Giethorn
Dutchmen wearing wooden shoes
Dutch woman washing windows
field of crocuses
field of red poppies
San Marino view
Bavarian house
Bavarian church
Vogelweh, Kaiserslautern

Chapter 5: Back to Illinois

Larry in field with Barbara
Amanita mushrooms

Chapter 6: Our Growing Family

five children
Beth Greg Kevin Glenn Rachel
Larry geology professor at SFVSC
chalets at Holden Village

Chapter 7: My Teaching Career

Barbara on log in Utah

Chapter 8: Student Field Trip Adventures

Jimson weed
saguaro cactus
Barbara holding koala
students in McDonalds booth
coast cholla
desert monkey flower (long shot)
desert monkey flower (close-up)
desert star (belly flower)
purple mat (belly flower)
teddy bear cholla
wild Canterbury bell
bristlecone pines (dead and alive)
bristlecone pine skeleton
beavertail cactus
brittle bush
pickle weed
Mojave aster
Hubehebe Crater
smoke tree
petty spurge
Joshua tree
palo verde (long shot)
palo verde (close-up)
Desert Golf Course
California lilac
bush monkey flower
salt flats - Bad Water
chocolate lily
shooting stars
creosote bush
Grand Canyon
elephant tree
yellow mariposa lily

Chapter 9: Field Trips Continue

Niagara falls
Lake Tahoe
car breakdown site
Rachel & Kevin with boojum
Gorman hillsides before flowers
coreopsis and poppies, Gorman
purple & albino owl's clover, evening snow
evening snow
owl's clover with owl's faces
Larry & Barbara poppy fields
poppies and lupines
cream cups
pink lady slipper
smoke stack in Sudbury
Mono Lake and tufa towers

Chapter 10: Environmental and Ecological Studies

Green Meadow fire
ashes from fire at Thousand Oaks
Catalina mariposa lilies
Chinese houses post fire
scorched yucca plants
dicentra one year after fire
dicentra angel blossom
crown sprouting of chamise
crown sprouting of laurel sumac
Plummer's mariposa lily
funny-face wild cucumber fruit
wild cucumber
fire poppy
canyon sunflower
laurel sumac
mountain mahogany
coast cholla
prickly pear
prickly pear blossom
Lyon's pentachaeta
saffron buckwheat
Santa Monica Mountains dudleya
Conejo dudleya

Chapter 11: Flower Websites

fish-hook cactus
Barbara in the field
Tiburon mariposa lily
Ring Mountain grasslands
San Luis Obispo mariposa lily
Kennedy mariposa lily
desert five-spot
Mohave fish hook cactus
sand blossoms

Chapter 12: Later Years

gentle slope of Mt. Whitney
Mt. Whitney switch backs
Barb magazine photo
Barbara Collins Arboretum
Arboretum tours
kitchen earth quake damage
bedroom earth quake damage
bedroom earth quake damage
Larry's office earth quake damage
Barb with broken fingers

Chapter 13: Beth

Beth and Roxie
Beth and her boys
Beth with motorcycle
Beth and Kim

Chapter 14: My Botanical Paradise

Athabasca glacier
Lake O'Hara
Emerald Lake
Lake Magog and Sunburst Lake
Lake Oesa
Barbara Saskatchewan glacier
anemone - mouse on a stick
yellow lady slipper
white mountain lady slipper
red wood lily
elk eating red wood lily
calypso orchid
round-leaved orchid angel orchid
moss campion
blue forget-me-not
Indian paintbrush
Lake Louise
Lake MacArthur
Mount Assiniboine
yellow clematis
yellow clematis fruits
yellow mountain heather
Moraine Lake
white mountain heather
pink mountain heather
heart-leaved arnica
Indian paintbrush
Cerulean Lake
Larch trees
Elizabeth Lake

Chapter 15: Looking Back

Elizabeth Anderson and Barbara
four kidnappers
kidnappers blindfolding Barbara
kidnappers carrying Barbara
biology class and Barbara
birthday cake with Bunsen burner candle


Debbie and Rudy Flores
Tyler, Erran Elizabeth, Kristopher, Greg
Kevin, Ellen, Noma, & David Collins
Phil, Daniella, James, and Rachel Guyette
Connie, Gabrielle, and Glenn Collins
Rudy, Jon, and Adam Flores