Wildflowers of Southern California: A photographic gallery
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Flowers White

  • Flowers showy, more than 1/2 inch across
  • Flowers dandelion-like with many rays
White chicory
  • Flowers with 3 or 6 petals
  • Tall plant, leaves very sharp pointed
Our Lord's candle
  • Low plant, delicate flowers with 3 petals
Catalina mariposa lily
  • Flowers small, less than 1/2 inch across
  • Leaves ferny; plant aromatic
  • Leaves not ferny
  • Leaves and stem with bristly hairs
White forget-me-not
  • Leaves and stem not bristly
  • Leaves all at the base with onion odor
Red-skinned wild onion
  • Leaves on main stem without onion odor
  • Leaves in 3's; clover-like
White sweet clover
  • Leaves not in 3's; flowers papery
California everlasting

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