Wildflowers of Southern California: A photographic gallery
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Flowers Yellow, Orange, or Brown

  • Flowers brown
Chocolate lily
  • Flowers yellow to orange
  • Plant of open, grassy fields, sometimes abundant
  • Flowers abundant, covering fields and hills yellow to orange
  • Flowers orange
  • Flowers large, showy
California poppy
  • Flowers small; stems bristly
  • Flowers yellow
  • Plants low, flowers daisy-like
  • Plants tall, up to 6 feet high
Black mustard
  • Flowers not abundant; rarely covering fields yellow
  • Flowers showy with 3 petals, occur singly
Yellow mariposa lily
  • Flowers with 6 petals in fireworks-like clusters
Golden stars
  • Plant along streams or along trails
  • Grows along streams
  • Plant low, flowers bright yellow
Common monkey flower
  • Plant tall, flowers with orange spots, nodding
Humboldt lily
  • Grows along trails or on hillsides
  • Flowers more than 2 inches across
Canyon sunflower
  • Flowers smaller
  • Plant with spines beneath the flower
Star thistle
  • Plants without spines beneath the flower
  • Leaves in 3's
Yellow sweet clover
  • Leaves single
  • Flowers yellow-orange; leaves succulent
  • Flowers yellow with dark markings
Yellow pansy
  • Flowers yellow without markings
Wall flower

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