Wildflowers of Southern California: A photographic gallery

About the Photographer

Picture of Dr. Lorence G. Collns

Dr. Lorence G. Collins

Lorence Collins is a Professor of Geology (emeritus) at California State University Northridge. To obtain the close-up views, he photographed the plants and flowers using a Canon EOS REBEL 2000 camera with a TAMRON SP 4F MACRO zoom lens (55-90 mm, 1:2.8, infinity to 0.29 meter [0.96 feet]). Where possible, he uses a shadow behind a plant or flower to cut out extraneous background objects. He is also the photographer and author of an article published in the January 1966 issue of National Geographic Magazine entitled "Finding Rare Beauty In Common Rocks" (v. 129, no. 1, pages 121-129). He may be contacted via email at lorencec@sysmatrix.net