CARE Team - Campus Awareness, Referral, and Education

Mission Statement and Charge

The Campus Awareness, Referral and Education (CARE) Team is a cross-divisional team that meets bi-weekly to review student cases related to social, mental health, academic, behavioral, and/or a combination of these, issues.

The purpose of the CARE Team is to serve the university and individual students by arranging, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating, and advocating for students in need of assistance. Through collaboration and coordination of resources, the CARE Team seeks to foster academic and personal success for students.

The CARE Team process does not replace faculty classroom management, disciplinary processes, and/or campus safety responses to incidents.

The members of the CARE team meet regularly to discuss reports or information that has been submitted and decide what, if any, course of action may be necessary on the part of the CARE team. We also use your report in conjunction with other reports to see if there are any other areas of concern for the student. The CARE team is not a "crisis management team” therefore, if you ever feel like there is any imminent threat of harm to self or others then please call Campus Safety and/or 911. We also encourage you to continue to give updates to the CARE team if, and when, new information or concerns arise about the student.

Members of CLU's CARE Team include:

  • Sr. Director of Student Success, Angela Naginey (Co-Chair)
  • Associate Director of Student Life, Christine Paul (Co-Chair)
  • Director of Campus Safety, Fred Miller
  • Staff Psychologist, Ginny Maril
  • Senior Coordinator for Residence Life and Student Conduct, Salma Loo
  • Associate Professor of Psychology, Jodie Kocur

Contacting CLU's CARE Team

Students, faculty and staff members who wish to inform CLU's CARE Team of a student whose behavior threatens the health and safety of that person or others, may send an email to This email adress is monitored and checked during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm). The individual may also provide information to the CARE Team by calling the CLU 24 hour Campus Conduct Hotline at (866) 943-5787 or by contacting any member of the CARE Team directly.

The CARE Team asks that reports provide the following information:

  • Name of the individual whose behavior raises a concern
  • Basis of the concern (a description of the behavior)
  • Name of the reporting party (optional)


The team will develop and recommend a coordinated plan of action. All CARE efforts will be directed toward striking a balance between interests in ensuring community safety, protecting individual rights, and in preserving a healthy campus learning, living, and working environment.

CARE Issues

Some behavior problems have no clear explanation but are clearly not conducive to the supportive learning environment CLU intends to promote. At other times, a person's poor behavior can be linked to substance use, a medical condition or a mental health problem.

The CARE Team gathers and examines information from a variety of sources in an effort to assess whether a CLU community member might need additional assistance and, if so, how that might be provided most helpfully. In addition to the six core CARE members, legal counsel, other administrators, faculty, or staff members knowledgeable of the issue at hand might also meet with the CARE Team.

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