At CLU Student Counseling Services, we provide:

All services are

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What to expect:

  • To meet with us, you can call or walk in to set up an appointment. 
  • In urgent situations, we will see you that day--usually within 45 minutes of your arrival.
  • We ask you to complete a Personal Information Form and an Informed Consent Form that describes the intake process, how we protect your privacy, and our procedures.
  • The initial interview normally is 45 minutes.
  • The counselor helps you to explore what brought you to us, what you would like to achieve in counseling, and how.

Recordings of Sessions

All therapists at SCS have earned their doctorate degree. Some therapists at SCS have not yet become licensed and must be supervised by licensed psychologists. For this reason, CLU's pre-licensure therapists sometimes record their sessions. THIS IS NEVER DONE UNTIL AFTER THE CLIENT HAS CONSENTED IN WRITING.

*There is a nominal fee for ADHD assessment.