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Active Learning Classroom Guidelines

Don't fear Wikipedia; harness its amazing ability for experiential and service learning, easy collaboration, community building, and reflection on media and information literacy. This guide will teach you how to create small projects as well as semester-long signature assignments using Wikipedia.

Guide to Wikipedia in the Classroom

Personal Responses Systems, or "clickers", are a relatively easy way to turn lecture-heavy classes into active learning environments. You can rent the TurningPoint brand clickers from Media Services in SBET 128.

Guide on the Effective Use of Clickers by Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative at the University of British Colombia

See a funny-looking new projector in your classroom? Several classrooms have new interactive projectors that will allow you to draw on the projected image with special pens (reserved from the Library Circulation desk), take notes, then save those mark ups. They offer an easy way to brainstorm with the class, save their responses, and distribute the results.

Video Tutorial of BrightLink Projector

Video Demo of BrightLink Projector