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CLU Style Guide


Consistency in editorial style is as important as graphic consistency. The following guide indicates styles unique to California Lutheran University. For standard usage, CLU has adopted the Associated Press (AP) style. The Associated Press Stylebook is available in the CLU Bookstore.

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Bell House Bell House is home to CLU's Graduate Psychology Program.
Benson House Benson House is one of several residential homes adjacent to campus that provide housing for CLU students.
Blackbox Theatre The Blackbox Theatre is located in the Theatre Arts Building, which previously served as a gym/auditorium.
Board of Regents, Regents Capitalize the governing body; lowercase individual members. Use chair, not chairperson.
Monty Clef is chair of the Board of Regents.
Monty Clef is a regent.
Buth Park Buth Park, named for former history professor Dr. Wilfred Buth, hosts campus picnics and events.