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CLU Style Guide


Consistency in editorial style is as important as graphic consistency. The following guide indicates styles unique to California Lutheran University. For standard usage, CLU has adopted the Associated Press (AP) style. The Associated Press Stylebook is available in the CLU Bookstore.

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Cafeteria Cafeteria and other campus dining services are managed by Sodexo.
California Lutheran University The first reference should always be California Lutheran University. Cal Lutheran is preferred for second and third references, although CLU and the University are acceptable in cases of repetitive use or constrained space. Cal Lu and the Lu should not be used in print. Capitalize University in the phrase the University when used in place of the University's name.
Capitalization Capitalize the proper names of departments, committees, offices, colleges, schools and divisions. Lowercase courses of study (majors and minors).

Capitalize Homecoming, Commencement, Convocation, Board of Regents, Cabinet and Core 21.

Capitalize a person's title only when it used directly in front of the name.
President Monty Clef will address the symposium.
Monty Clef is president of CLU.

Do not capitalize former, ex- and -elect when used with titles (former is preferred to ex-).
former President Taft; ex-President Taft; Governor-elect Jones

Do not capitalize the seasons.

Do not capitalize words derived from geographic names that have become generic:
brussels sprouts, french fries, mecca, russian dressing

If in doubt, use lowercase rather than capital letters.

Capitalize Union, Republic and the States when referring to the United States of America but do not capitalize adjectives such as national and federal. Do not capitalize government, administration, state or nation. Do not capitalize state of Delaware.
Centrum Cafe Centrum Cafe, located in the Orville Dahl Centrum, is a bustling LA-style eatery complete with espresso drinks and patio seating.
CLU Bookstore CLU Bookstore is operated by Follett Corp.
CLU Identity Statement California Lutheran University is a diverse scholarly community dedicated to excellence in the liberal arts and professional studies. Rooted in the Lutheran tradition of Christian faith, the University encourages critical inquiry into matters of both faith and reason.
CLU Mission The mission of the University is to educate leaders for a global society who are strong in character and judgment, confident in their identity and vocation, and committed to service and justice.
CLU Vision California Lutheran University strives to be the best liberal arts university in the West.
CLUnet Do not hyphenate.
Colons and Semicolons Place outside of quotation marks when used in a sentence.
Commas Underuse rather than overuse commas.

Do not use a comma when only the month and year are named; use a comma after the day and year when month, day and year are named.
January 2005; Jan. 1, 2005,...

Do not use a comma before the abbreviations Jr., Sr. or Inc.

Use a comma before and, for, but, or, yet and so when they connect two independent clauses.

Do not use a comma before and at the end of a series unless it is needed to avoid confusion.

Commas and periods are placed inside closing quotation marks.
Conferences and Events Services Cal Lutheran is an ideal location for camps, conferences, workshops and seminars. Conferences and Events Services is responsible for the scheduling and setting up of special events on campus as well as contracts and services for conferences and camps.
Convocation, Convocators Capitalize this governing body (exception to AP style); lowercase individual members.
The Convocators will meet on Founders Day. Monty Clef is a convocator.
Counseling Services Center The Counseling Services Center is home to the Marriage, Family, Child Center and offers counseling to students, low-cost counseling to members of the community, and a counseling training program.
Cultural Movements and Styles Words referring to movements, styles and schools of thought are capitalized when they are derived from proper nouns or are used as specific historical designations. Such words are lowercased when used in a general descriptive sense.
Dali was one of the original Surrealists.
The fabric design contains few instances of surrealism.