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CLU Style Guide


Consistency in editorial style is as important as graphic consistency. The following guide indicates styles unique to California Lutheran University. For standard usage, CLU has adopted the Associated Press (AP) style. The Associated Press Stylebook is available in the CLU Bookstore.

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E Building E Building, one of the original chicken coops, was demolished in December 2010.
Early Childhood Center See Fredrickson Family Early Childhood Center.
Email Lowercase and use without a hyphen: email. Use a hyphen with other e- terms: e-book, e-business, e-commerce.

Use rather than for CLU email addresses.
Enormous Luther Enormous Luther was created by Sir Bernardus Weber, CLU professor emeritus of art, with help from his students. This modern art sculpture was unveiled in 1985 in Falde Plaza near the Pearson Library and
Preus-Brandt Forum.