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CLU Style Guide


Consistency in editorial style is as important as graphic consistency. The following guide indicates styles unique to California Lutheran University. For standard usage, CLU has adopted the Associated Press (AP) style. The Associated Press Stylebook is available in the CLU Bookstore.

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Hansen Administration Center Hansen Administration Building houses the Administration and Finance Division including the Business Office.
Hanson House Hanson House is one of several residential homes adjacent to campus that provide housing for CLU students.
Headlines Capitalize all words in headlines except prepositions, conjunctions and articles of fewer than four letters. Capitalize the infinitive form of verbs.
To Be or Not To Be

The word and is normally spelled out in headlines; however, an ampersand may be used on occasion to express style.

Headlines do not take end punctuation unless an exclamation point or question mark is appropriate.
Hutton Field Hutton Softball Field is located next to Ullman Stadium in the north campus athletics complex.
Hyphenation Do not hyphenate an adverb ending in ly followed by a participle or adjective.

Do not hyphenate Cocurricular, Preseminary or Premedicine.

Hyphenate self- and half- compounds that precede a noun.

Hyphenate prefixes when they precede an already hyphenated term: un-self-conscious

Do not hyphenate a compound phrase used as an adjective if the phrase is an established one.
real estate interests; public interest lawyer

Do not hyphenate vice president.

Do not hyphenate proper nouns used as adjectives.
Saks Fifth Avenue expense account