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CLU Style Guide


Consistency in editorial style is as important as graphic consistency. The following guide indicates styles unique to California Lutheran University. For standard usage, CLU has adopted the Associated Press (AP) style. The Associated Press Stylebook is available in the CLU Bookstore.

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Non-English Words Italicize a non-English word or phrase unless it appears in the dictionary or is the name of a foreign dish.
Numbers Write out the numbers one through nine and use Arabic figures for numbers greater than nine.

In some cases, figures are used for numbers smaller than 10, e.g., with distances, lengths, ages, miles, millions, billions, times (except for noon and midnight), decades, formulas, sizes and weights, or when used in conjunction with larger numbers.
The score was 6 to 14.

Spell out numbers at the beginning of a sentence. A calendar year is the exception to this rule.

(See the Associated Press Stylebook for complete guidelines on when to use figures to express numbers.)
Nygreen Hall Nygreen Hall houses classrooms and offices.