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CLU Style Guide


Consistency in editorial style is as important as graphic consistency. The following guide indicates styles unique to California Lutheran University. For standard usage, CLU has adopted the Associated Press (AP) style. The Associated Press Stylebook is available in the CLU Bookstore.

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Races and Nationalities Capitalize terms that refer to countries or areas of the world. Lowercase words that are primarily descriptive in origin.
Hispanic, Latin, African-American, Semite
black, white
Residence Halls Afton Hall
Conejo Hall
Grace Hall
Janss Hall
Kramer Court
Mogen Hall
Mount Clef Hall
North Hall
Pederson Hall
Potenberg Hall
Rasmussen Hall
South Hall
Thompson Hall
Trinity Hall
West Hall
Riparian Building Located north of Olsen Road near Campus Drive, the Riparian Building houses Auxiliary and Campus Services, Conferences and Events, Printing Services, University Marketing and Web Communications.
Roth Nelson Room Roth Nelson Room, located adjacent to the Centrum Café and Dining Commons, is used primarily as a meeting and banquet facility. The Study Abroad program is located in this building across from the Commons.