Deferred Maintenance


2013 Approved Deferred Maintenance Projects

2013 Deferred Maintenance Projects

  • Remodel Mt Clef Hall - Phase 1 HazMat Removal, Corridor Improvements, Full Design
  • Install Access Control on conejo Hall Dorm Rooms
  • Replace Fire Sprinkler Heads in Soiland Humanities
  • Replace ASCI Gas Shut-offs
  • Repair Sidewalks - Multiple Locations
  • Reseal and Repave Streets - Multiple Locations
  • Upgrade Electrical Infrastructure - Raise "E" Vault from Underground Location
  • Upgrade Exterior Lighting - Campus Wide
  • Install Dual Pane Windows in Pederson Administration Building
  • Paint / Repair Exterior of Campus Houses
  • Replace Entrance Doors for Alumni Classrooms and Offices
  • Repair Samuelson Aquatic Center Pool Deck
  • Relamp High Stairwells in Ed Tech, Trinity and Grace Hall (Requires Scaffolding)
  • Remodel Library Forum Lobby and Bathrooms, Replace Doors and Upgrade Finishes
  • Refurbish Gilbert Sports & fitness Center Gymnasium Floors
  • Replace HVAC Heat Pumps in South Hall
  • Contingency


2012 Approved Deferred Maintenance Projects

2012 Deferred Maintenance Projects

  • Replace Janss & Rasmussen Hall Chilled Water / Heating Lines (Completed)
  • Demolish Mount Clef Stadium Bleachers (Completed)
  • Paint Thompson and Pederson Hall Exteriors (Completed)
  • Replace Samuelson Aquatics Center Pool Heater (Completed)
  • Waterproof Spies-Bornemann Center for Education and Technology Patio (Completed)
  • Repair Sidewalks - Campus Wide (Completed)
  • Repave Streets - Campus Wide (Completed)
  • Upgrade Electrical Infrastructure (Completed)
  • Upgrade Exterior Lighting - Campus Wide (Completed)
  • Replace Classroom Furniture (Completed)
  • Install Access Controls Science Building / Zimmerman / I Building (Completed)
  • Renovate Pederson Hall Interiors (Completed)
  • Replace Alumni Hall Entrance Doors
  • Replace Welcome Center Entrance Doors (Completed)
  • Renovate Pederson Ranch House (Completed)
  • Contingency

2011 Approved Deferred Maintenance Projects

2011 Deferred Maintenance Projects

  • Thompson Hall Upgrade Phase II (Completed)
  • Mogen Hall Showers and Infrastructure Repair (Completed)
  • Kramer Court Bathrooms and Fire Sprinkler Upgrade (Completed)
  • Campus Wide Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade (Completed)
  • Campus Wide Exterior Lighting Replacement (Completed)
  • Campus Wide Sidewalk and Street Repair (Completed)
  • Soiland Humanities Center and Ahmanson  Science Center Access Control Installation (Soiland Completed)
  • Gilbert Sports & Fitness Center Training Room Floor Repair/Upgrade (Completed)
  • Spies-Bornemann Center for Education and Technology  and Soiland Humanities Center Re-core to Master Key System (in Progress)

Funding Based on Fall Enrollment

  • Pederson Administration Building Window Replacement
  • D Building Restroom  & Lab Upgrade (Completed)
  • Community Counseling Center/Kallas House Installation of Automated Entrance Door (Completed)
  • Campus Wide Computer Lab Combination Lock Replacement (Completed)
  • Campus Wide Classroom Chair Replacement (Completed)
  • Mogen Hall Doors, Sidewalks and Misc. Renovations (Completed)
  • Campus Wide Classroom Whiteboard Replacement (Completed)

2010 Approved Deferred Maintenance Projects

2010 Deferred Mainenance Projects

  • R& R HVAC, Restrooms, Solar Panels, Roofing of Thompson (Completed)
  • Demo Buildings & Asphalt of E/G Bldgs, Re-Landscape (In Progress)
  • Replace and Repair Paving/Sidewalks Campus Wide (Completed)
  • Install a Handicap Ramp to Nygreen from Memorial Pkwy (Completed)
  • Replace Oil Filled Switch & Transformer in Vault by Centrum (Completed)
  • Cont. Installation of a Centrally Controlled Irrigation System
  • Renovate the Trash Enclosure by Pederson Hall
  • Upgrade Bleacher’s Handrails, Enclose Kingman Stad Steps
  • Upgrade Restrooms in Pederson Admin & Pearson Library (Completed)
  • Install Automatic Doors and Card Access In Pederson Admin (Completed)
  • Upgrade Fire Alarm Monitoring in ASCI and Chapel (Completed)
  • Install Access Controls in Labs and Ent of Humanities Bldg
  • Upgrade Exterior Lighting Campus (ongoing)
  • Install Cabinetry& Flooring in the Humanities Building
  • Upgrade Acoustics for Marriage & Family Therapy Rooms
  • Purchase New Classrooms Chairs in ASCI (December 2010)
  • Replace Classroom Furniture in the Chapel (Completed)
  • Replace Carpet and Chairs in I Building
  • Purchase New Chairs for Offices in the SBET Building (Completed)
  • Purchase Furniture for Classrooms & Hallway in D Building
  • Contingency 5%


2009 Approved Deferred Maintenance Projects

2009 Deferred Maintenance List

  • Upgrade HVAC/Windows in Mt Clef Hall (Completed)
  • Upgrade HVAC/Electrical at Theater Arts Bldg (Completed)
  • Upgrade to centrally controlled irrigation system (In Progress)
  • Replace siding and roofing at Peters Hall (Completed)
  • Repair/replace worn/damaged paved surfaces (Completed)
  • Refurbish designated concrete barrel roofs (Completed)
  • Replace roof on Nygreen Hall (Completed)
  • Replace entry doors at Grace Hall (Completed)
  • Repair sewer main south of Kramer Ct (Completed)
  • Upgrade exterior lighting on campus (In Progress)
  • Re-carpet Richter Hall in ASCI (Completed)
  • Re-roof and paint the Pederson Ranch House (Completed)
  • Re-lamp Preus-Brandt Forum (Completed)
  • Upgrade HVAC controls in Samuelson Chapel classrooms/offices (Completed)
  • Contingency

2008 Approved Deferred Maintenance Projects

2007 Approved Deferred Maintenance Projects


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2004 Approved Deferred Maintenance Projects