Festival of Scholars

An annual celebration of research, scholarship, and creativity

April 27 - May 1, 2015

Center for Equality and Justice: Research in Service of Communities

Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Time: 4:00pm - 4:50pm
Location: Lundring Events Center
Description: This session features a research project funded through the Center for Equality and Justice Fellowships for Research in the Service of Communities. The fellowship supported a faculty-student research team with the goal of producing high-quality, empirical scholarship as well as raising awareness, informing decision makers, and promoting community well-being on issues related to justice and equality. All are welcome!

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Student Abstracts at this Session

Adina Nack
and Dr. Adina Nack, Dr. Jamie Banker, Hannah Conner (CLU undergraduate, double major in Sociology and Criminal Justice)

Faculty Mentor:
Adina Nack
Social Psychological Investigation of Maternal Morbidities

The faculty-student research team will present preliminary findings from their cross-disciplinary study which focuses on women who experience physical complications in childbirth or postpartum and also on those who provide medical care during and after childbirth. Drawing on data from in-depth interviews with women and women's healthcare providers, the researchers conceptualize structural, cultural, and interpersonal factors that shape women's physiological and psychological health outcomes. This study aims to (1) document women's health experiences and (2) elucidate the processes of health care and health information exchanges associated with maternal morbidities.  This work is informed by the academic disciplines of sociology, social psychology, obstetrics, and public health and aims to theorize how and why women are negatively impacted by maternal morbidities and also contribute to the development of quality improvement health initiatives.