Festival of Scholars

An annual celebration of research, scholarship, and creativity

April 27 - May 1, 2015

School of Management: New Venture Competition Finals Event

Date: Thursday, April 30, 2015
Time: 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Lundring Events Center
Description: The Cal Lutheran New Venture Competition (NVC) is an opportunity for students to experience the challenge of launching a start-up business. Student teams have been working on their business ideas for months, with the support of Cal Lutheran faculty and mentors from the community. In the NVC Finals, four select teams will give presentations on the merits of their business opportunities. A panel of distinguished judges will as questions, give feedback, and award cash prizes to each team. Audience members will vote for a special people's choice award. Join us for what we expect to become a Cal Lutheran tradition and a launchpad for many successful start-up's.

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Student Abstracts at this Session

Justina Posadas
and Anthony Monroe and Brett Federer

Faculty Mentor:
Mr. Mike Panesis
9 Months of Me

9 Months of Me is a website where expecting mothers can pay a subscription and receive 9 months of items to aid them during their pregnancy. Within the first trimester mothers will receive items such as lotions, prenatal vitamins and supplements once a month. During the second and third trimester mothers will receive maternity clothes.  When the mother is through using the maternity clothes, they can send them back to us; our company will provide each mother with prepaid boxes to send the clothes back. With the use of the business model canvas we have been able to create a minimal viable product and the starting of a startup business. 

Ryan Riley

Faculty Mentor:
Mr. Michael Panesis
Sufi Tea: Feel Great and Lose Weight While Enjoying Quality Hand-Blended Tea.  

Whether served ice cold on a hot day or warm and cozy at night, Sufi Tea is a bold and innovative take on traditional drinking. Inspired by travels around the globe, from the Sahara Desert to Southern California, the high quality ingredients that make up our teas are ensured to promote a healthy body and nourish the soul. Enjoy the all natural ingredients of fine tea for weight loss and detoxing. Blends can be bought via website and recieved in our specially designed Sufi "Teabox" or a monthly subscription service will guarentee you are always stocked by shpping right to your door! With the world seeming more and more complicated, Sufi Tea wants you to feel fresh and ready to take on the challenges encountered throughout the day with resonable costs while still being fashionably elegant. 

Michael Stonich
and Kyle Cantu, Kate Phillips

Faculty Mentor:
Mr. Michael Panesis
Mod My Ride: Online Car Customization Quotes

When a car enthusiast wants to customize their car, they are stuck with the inconvenience of trying to find the right shop and the right price.  Car enthusiasts must either try calling multiple shops or drive around and ask shops in person.  With Mod My Ride, car enthusiasts will be able to conveniently obtain price quotes online for all different sorts of customizations to their ride and see what mods other car enthusiasts are doing.  Our team and other car modders have established the collective opinion that the car community would strongly benefit from this online platform.  Car modders desire more convenience in the process of car customization and bringing the process online will strongly benefit both customers and auto shops.