GPSC Events To Look Out For:

Be the Change YOU want to see in the world !!

Attention to All Students Graduating in May !!

Networking@CalLutheran !!

2016, March 31st

5:00-8:00PM; Ullman Commons 100&101 - Thousand Oaks Campus

Open to all graduate and professional students!

GPSC proudly announces the Networking Event at CalLutheran, Thousand Oaks Campus. This event is a huge opportunity for fellow Graduate and Professional Students to meet industry experts from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Come and be merry for an informal meeting and also gather interesting insights into opportunities that are of utmost interest to you.


GPSC Meeting !!

2016, February 18th

4:00-5:00PM; The Regals Room, Student Union



On-Campus Job Opportunities

Interested in Leadership Positions in GPSC?

Watch out for this space periodically. This gets updated as and when we have openings !!