Harold Stoner Clark Lectures

Past Lectures

2015 Nick Bostrom

Nick Bostrom

Technology and the Future
  • "Technology Strategy and Existential Risks"
  • "Superintelligence"
2014 Linda Zagzebski

Linda Zagzebski

God's Knowledge and Ours
  • "Omnisubjectivity: the Subjectivity of God"
  • "Knowing God: a Defense of Religious Authority"
2013 Philip Clayton

Philip Clayton

Between 'Intelligent Design' and the New Atheism: Science and Religion at the Crossroads
  • "Beyond the Religion Wars: From Reduction to Reenchantment"
  • "The New Sciences of Emergent Complexity: Evolving Religion in an Evolving World"
2010 David Chalmers

David Chalmers

From The Matrix to the Singularity
  • "The Matrix as Metaphysics"
  • "The Singularity: A Philosophical Analysis"
2009 Gregory Pence

Gregory Pence

Biotechnology: Friend or Foe?
  • "Stem Cells, Little Persons, and Scientific Research"
  • "Organic or Genetically Modified Food - Which Is Safer?"
2008 Andrew Newburg

Andrew Newburg

Why God Won't Go Away
  • "Why God Won't Go Away"
  • "Why We Believe What We Believe"
2007 David Holtzman

David Holtzman

Privacy, Technology and Identity
  • "Privacy Lost: How Technology Affects Privacy"
  • "Online Identities: @ttribution, not Retribution"

Sandra Steingraber

Contaminated Without Consent
  • "Contaminated Without Consent: How Pollutants in Air, Food and Water Violate Human Rights"
  • "The Precautionary Principle: Science or anti-Science?"

Brian Greene

The Fabric of the Cosmos
  • "The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time and the Texture of Reality"

Rupert Sheldrake

The Extended Mind
  • "The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence"
  • "Science and Spirituality: My Own Journey of Exploration"

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

  • "The Creative Person and the Creative Context"
  • "Flow and the Quality of Life"

Nancey Murphy

Whatever Happened to the Soul?

David Baltimore

Stretching Science

Paul Davies

Did Life Come From Mars?

Katherine Hayles

Chaos Meets Narrative
  • "Narratives of Artificial Life"
  • "Chaotic Genius: Tom Stoppard's Arcadia"

Stephen Toulmin

Rethinking the Methods of the Human Sciences
  • "Alternative Visions of Theory in the Human Sciences"
  • "Economic and Social Practice in its Cultural Situation"

Arthur Caplan

Medical Ethics and Health Care Policies
  • "Making Babies: Ethical Issues Raised by New Reproductive Technologies"
  • "Sinners, Saints and Health Care: What role should personal responsibility play in the rationing of health care resources?"

Daniel J. Kevles

Genetics and Social Policies
  • "The Human Genome Project"
  • "Genetics, Race and IQ"

John Searle

Cognition, Cognitive Science and Consciousness
  • "Cognition and Cognitive Science"
  • "The Problem of Consciousness"

E.C. Krupp

Beyond the Blue Horizon
  • "Archaeoastronomy and the Roots of Science"
  • "Climbing the Cosmic Mountain"

Stephanie Mills

The Path to Ecological Restoration
  • "Healing a Damaged Land"
  • "Bioregionalism: Reinstating a Culture of Place"

David Ray Griffin

The Reenchantment of Science
  • "Modern Science and Disenchantment"
  • "Postmodern Science and Reenchantment"

Jonathan Miller

Humor and Humors
  • "Humor and Comedy"
  • "The Afterlife of Plays"

Michelle Taigue

Beyond Consciousness: The Magic of Native American Myths
  • "Unveiling the Invisible"
  • "Returning to Beginnings"
  • "Vehicles of Wisdom"
  • "Recovery of the Sacred"

Jacob Needleman

  • "The Seeker in A Pathless Land"
  • "The Scientist as Seeker"
  • "The Seeker in Ourselves"

James Burke

The Day the Universe Changed
  • "Mechanisms of Change: Do Lemons Whistle"
  • "Goodbye, Descartes: Information and Change"

Jean Houston

Exploring the Human Potential
  • "The Possible Human"
  • "Journey of Transformation — The Odyssey"
  • "The New Sacred Psychology"

William Kaufmann

  • "Black Holes and Exploding Galaxies"
  • "The Physics of the Early Universe"
  • "The Origin and Complexity of the Universe"