About the Hewlett Grant and the Application Process

As part of the ongoing process of faculty professional development at CLU, the Faculty Affairs and Development Committee has access to limited funding to encourage professional growth, thanks to the Hewlett Foundation Endowment. Typical Hewlett Grant awards for travel in the United States/Canada are funded up to $1,000, international travel is funded up to $1250, and research projects are funded up to $500.* Each proposal will be carefully evaluated and priority assigned according to the stated criteria. Each year the number and amount of awards are based on available funds.

Hewlett Grant applications for funding of future activities are solicited three times per year: on or around October 1 (for activity between August 1 and January 31), February 1 (for activity between January 1 and May 31), and May 1 (for activity between April 1 and August 31). Since, like all proposals, these applications promise future work, the application is ideally submitted before the work is done. For example, if you are planning to travel to give a presentation as one of the outcomes of your project, you should apply for Hewlett Grant funds before the travel occurs. However, we recognize that unexpected opportunities sometimes arise, so in some cases retroactive awards will be considered.

Hewlett Grant money is distributed only as a reimbursement of real expenses incurred after completion of the proposed activity. Recipients of Hewlett Grant awards will be required to file a report of development activity prior to request for reimbursement. The report should be filled out and submitted online, while the requests for reimbursement, along with all receipts, should be marked clearly as Hewlett Grant expenses and sent directly to the office of the Provost.

Applications should be completed and submitted online. The application deadline for the current funding cycle is listed at the top of the application page —late applications will not be considered under any circumstances.

Expect e-mail confirmation that your application has been received; if you do not receive such an e-mail within 72 hours of submitting your application, contact Sam Thomas at sthomas@callutheran.edu with a request for confirmation.

* Applicants who receive, for example, a $1000 award for domestic travel in the fall can apply for international travel in the spring/summer, but will be limited to an additional $250 (or whatever amount results in reaching the maximum $1250 per year). Recipients of $500 research-based awards in the fall will still be eligible for up to $500 for domestic and $750 for international travel in the following spring/summer (again, up to the $1250 maximum).