Our Mission

The International Programs Office is dedicated to providing the highest quality of social support and immigration advisement for the well being of international students who attend California Lutheran University. The office also serves as an educational resource for students, faculty and staff.

Specifically, the Office offers immigration advisement, workshops and social activities for international students. Programs and activities sponsored by the office encourage international and American students to interact in order to provide an enriched campus community for all.

Line up of students before undergraduate commencement in May, 2011

DOWNLOAD & PRINT YOUR I-94 NOW  EVERY TIME you re-enter the US you need to print your I-94. You can print from home using the link or you can come in to the office and print it here. If you come to our office to print it please bring your passport (we need a copy of the stamp in your passport). If you print it at home, email a scanned copy along with a copy of the stamp in your passport.


Current Student Profile Form

Used for international student check-in at the start of each new term or semester. If you dont check-in, your immigration record will be in danger of being terminated.

OPT Orientation

OPT Student Registration Update

Used for students on OPT to update current address and employment