OPT Online Orientation

Post-completion Optional Practical Training

If you wish to apply for OPT:

  1. Be certain that you are graduating.

    Once you apply for OPT the dates cannot be changed and you cannot re-apply. If you realize that you have another course left to take after you applied for OPT, you will lose a substantial portion of your OPT. So don't apply for OPT until you are certain that you are done with your program.

  2. OPT is issued for up to 12 months.
  3. You can apply up to 90 days before graduation and up to 60 days after graduation. The sooner you apply the better!
  4. BEFORE you ask for a meeting with Dr. Hall, get the OPT Check list which is available on our website at: http://www.callutheran.edu/intl_student_services/forms.php