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"Energy and Climate Change Policy"
Speaker: Andy Pattison, Ph.D.

"Ethics Issues"
Speaker: Nathan Tierney, Ph.D.

"Food, Faith, and Sustainability"
Speaker: Sam Thomas, Ph.D.

"Gardens Then and Now"
Speaker: Sam Thomas, Ph.D.

"Should we use early human embryos in Biomedical Research?"
Speaker: David Marcey, Ph.D.

"Tragedy of The Commons: Then and Now"
Speaker: Andy Pattison, Ph.D.


David J. Marcey, Ph.D.
Professor and Fletcher Jones Chair of Developmental Biology

Andy Pattison, Ph.D.
Visiting Instructor, MPPA Program

Sam Thomas, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Religion

Nathan L. Tierney, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Philosophy Department