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""Boy's Love" in the Western World"
Speaker: Dru Pagliassotti, Ph.D.

"Churches and Ministries on the Web – Social Networks"
Speaker: Paul Witman, Ph.D.

"Crisis Management"
Speaker: Lynda Fulford, M.Sc., M.P.A.

"Exploring Messages about Sexuality and Power in Music Videos"
Speaker: Adina Nack, Ph.D.

"Measuring the Effects of Media Placements"
Speaker: Lynda Fulford, M.Sc., M.P.A.

"Public Broadcasting"
Speaker: Mary Olson, MPA

"Working with the Media"
Speaker: Lynda Fulford, M.Sc., M.P.A.


Lynda Paige Fulford, M.Sc., M.P.A.
Associate Vice President for University Relations

Adina Nack, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology

Mary Olson, MPA
KCLU General Manager

Dru Pagliassotti, Ph.D.

Paul D. Witman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Information Technology Management