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"Athletic Programs at CLU"
Speaker: Daniel Kuntz, Ed.D

"Baseball: The International Game"
Speaker: Chris Kimball, Ph.D.

"Five Things You Can Learn about America from Baseball History"
Speaker: Chris Kimball, Ph.D.

"Imagery in Sports"
Speaker: Leanne Neilson, Psy.D.

"NCAA Division III Athletics"
Speaker: Daniel Kuntz, Ed.D

"Older Athletes"
Speaker: Steven Hawkins, Ph.D.

"Sports Camp Directing and Marketing"
Speaker: Daniel Kuntz, Ed.D

"The Advantages of Division III Athletics"
Speaker: Daniel Kuntz, Ed.D

"The Mental Athlete"
Speaker: Bruce Gillies, Psy.D.

"The Road to Collegiate Athletics"
Speaker: Daniel Kuntz, Ed.D

"The Science of Sport"
Speaker: Michele LeBlanc, Ph.D.

"What Makes People Go Crazy Over Sports"
Speaker: Rich Rider, Ph.D.


Bruce Gillies, Psy.D.
Assistant Professor of Business; Director, MBA Online; Director of Organizational Leadership Program

Steven A. Hawkins, Ph.D.
Professor, Chair of Exercise Science

Chris Kimball, Ph.D.
President, California Lutheran University

Daniel E. Kuntz, Ed.D
Athletic Director, Head Men's Soccer Coach

Michele LeBlanc, Ph.D.
Professor of Exercise Science; Nena Amundson Professor of Biomechanics

Leanne Neilson, Psy.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Rich Rider, Ph.D.
Men's Basketball Head Coach