William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art

A Walk Through Time: America Made Manifest

On view May 28-July 30, 2015

Over several decades, William Rolland has amassed an eclectic collection of art, including 18th-to-20th-century bronzes and paintings. Many of these works have been donated to Cal Lutheran to contribute to the permanent collection of the William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art.

This spring semester, students in the course Arts Management and Museology have planned and curated this exhibition focused on the collection with additional outside works. The students make up the Collegiate Curators, whose contributors are Breanna Drummond, Samuel Frankel, Daniel Hazeski, Conner Johnson, Dylan King, Haley Ramos, Erin Sommers, and Joanna Van Nyhuis.

As described by Collegiate Curators: A Walk through Time is made up primarily of work from the Gallery’s permanent collection, and explores the evolution of a modern American identity. This exhibition will showcase works of/or pertaining to the United States, from its genesis to its present, chronicling the development of the “American Dream.” In attempt to determine whether or not this “dream” is ever actualized, the show invites visitors to view works through a critical lens. Do the images and figures displayed accurately portray America, or was reality painted differently to reflect the dream? See Ventura County Star article on our efforts here.

Special Events

Opening Reception
Saturday, June 6 | 6-8 p.m.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Biomythography: Secret Poetry & Hidden Angers
Guest Curated by Chris Christion and Jessica Wimbley
Aug. 13-Oct. 16, 2015

“I am a reflection of my mother’s secret poetry and hidden angers.” –Audre Lorde, Zami: A New Spelling of My Name

As defined by Audre Lorde in her seminal piece Zami: A New Spelling of My Name, biomythography combines “elements of history, biography and myth” to highlight the idea of multiple internal and external selves. This exhibition features video, performance, installation, sculpture, photography and two-dimensional mixed media works. It investigates biomythography as a practice in the visual arts. Works by the featured artists juxtapose historical facts, life experiences, pop culture, ritual, mythology, anthropological conjectures and notions of identity.

Exhibiting artists include Zeina Baltagi, Crystal Z. Campbell, Chris Christion, Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Abdul Mazid, Dan Taulapapa McMullin, Thinh Nguyen, Juliana Paciulli, Glynnis Reed, Rachelle Rojany, Yoshie Sakai, Monica Sandoval and Jessica Wimbley.

About the Gallery

The William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art, located adjacent to the William Rolland Stadium, opened in October 2011 with an exhibit of bronze statuary and paintings from the collection of William Rolland. Since then the gallery has held many exhibits including: Western Salon featuring sculptures and paintings from the Bob Eubanks and William Rolland Collections; Resonating Images I 1900-1950 featuring representational masterpiece paintings, drawings and prints from the first half of the 20th century; and Resonating Images II, exhibiting representational works by modern and contemporary masters including Chuck Close, Fernando Botero, and Picasso. Exhibitions rotate approximately 4-5 times a year.

The Gallery also hosts a parallel educational series of events. The specific events vary by exhibition, but typically include foreign language tours and lectures by professionals in the visual arts. Curator- or volunteer-led tours are available for free; we request that you make reservations beforehand.

For-credit, paid, and unpaid internships are available. Internships are designed to give students the opportunity to gain experience working in a university, museum-standards gallery setting. For students interested in a more hands-on approach, the School of Management and History Department (offering a Museum Studies Emphasis) are collaborating with Curator Rachel Schmid to offer a course in Spring 2015 in which students will curate an exhibition from start to finish utilizing the Gallery's permanent collection. Click here for more information.

For information about the gallery's exhibitions, tours, or internships please call (805) 493-3697 or email rollandgallery@callutheran.edu

About the Collector

Rolland started as a collector in the mid-1950s, buying a 500 pound bronze sculpture of a boy on an electrical generator by turn-of-the-century German sculptor Hugo Kaufmann, a tribute to Germany's power industry.

In addition to bronzes – including some large, muscular sculptures from the Collection of Elizabeth Taylor – the collection has Murano glass, oil and watercolor paintings, winning Indianapolis racing cars from three eras, and other high-performance cars. Additional curiosities include a letter penned by Mark Twain.

The gallery retains a small part of the collection, which Rolland and his wife Kay Green are still assembling. He intends to donate it to Cal Lutheran over time.