Report a Crime or Emergency

Contact Campus Safety at extension 3208 from campus phones for non-emergencies and extension 3911 for emergencies from campus phones. Or, use the Call Box 24-hour direct dial emergency phones located across campus. (For life threatening emergencies, immediately call the Thousand Oaks Police Department by dialing (9) 911 from campus telephones or 911 from cell phones and/or pay phones.)

Any suspicious activity or person observed in the parking lots or loitering around vehicles, inside of buildings or around residence halls should be reported to Campus Safety. In addition, crimes may be reported to the following persons and/or departments:

  1. Melinda Roper
    Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students
    (805) 493-3995
  2. Christina Paul
    Associate Director of Residence Life
    (805) 493-3546
  3. Kerri Lauchner
    Director of Health Services
    (805) 493-3225
  4. Juanita Hall
    Director of Multicultural and International Programs
    (805) 493-3951
  5. Alan Goodwin
    Director of Counseling Services
    (805) 493-3573

Detailed procedures for reporting crimes and emergencies