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Morning Glory Policies and Procedures: Submit your original art, multimedia creations, writing, and music to the Morning Glory! Email your submissions (or questions) to the editor at morningglory@callutheran.edu.

Submissions can be any art form: poetry, prose, short fiction, dramatic scenes, essays, creative nonfiction, drawings, sketches, painting, sculpture, photography, cartoons, animations, music, or short films. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni of CLU may submit.
This year's final submission date is FEBRUARY 7, 2016. Please check out our Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/170784479790126/ .

The Morning Glory staff spends the Fall Semester collecting art, literature, and music submissions from students, faculty, and alumni.. In February, the staff gathers at Dr. Wines' house for food, company, and the reading of the hundreds of submissions collected. Using a scale of 1-10, each staff person reads and rates the submissions. The highest-scoring submissions are selected for publication. Authors' identities are concealed until the magazine is published.

Morning Glory Staff (2015-2016)

Top Row (left to right): Victoria Van Dusen, Livia Bowman, Megan Freiberg, and Emily Engler
Bottom Row: Chris Hanna (Art Editor) , Kellie Warren (Assistant Editor), Kirsten Hagen (Editor-in Chief), Lindsey Weed, Jessica Rinehart, and Kirsten Nestor


This year, the Morning Glory staff enjoyed their time in the CLU SEED Garden for their service project.

Front: Emily Engler, Kirsten Hagen, Lindsey Weed

Back: Kristen Nestor, Katie May, Hallie Maxwell, Jessica Rinehart, Gigi Manukyan, Hannah Sticklus

Not pictured: Kellie Warren, Karina DaSilva

Online Morning Glory Retrospective

2010 Pacemaker Awards Morning Glory, CLU's literary magazine, was again named a finalist in the competition for the prestigious ACP National Pacemaker award! This is the second consecutive year Morning Glory has achieved the honor, setting an unprecedented record for the magazine, which previously won a Pacemaker Award in 1982. You can view the announcement of the 2010 finalists and winners on the ACP website.

The Pacemaker Winner Awards and Finalist Awards are awarded in a nationwide competition that recognizes higher education's outstanding journalism and literary accomplishments. These coveted and prestigious honors have been compared to the Pulitzer Prizes in the professional writing world.

Morning Glory, CLU's literary magazine, has been a consistent recipient of the Associated Collegiate Press's (ACP's) ALL AMERICAN AWARD for over 40 years.On 8 September 2009 the Morning Glory was also a finalist for the 2009 ACP National Pacemaker!(What is the Pacemaker Award?) You can view the announcement of the 2009 finalists and winners on the ACP Pacemaker Website.

Morning Glory Staff (previous years)

Morning Glory Staff (2014-2015)

Front: Michael Nicholson, Kirsten Hagen, Jasmine Waples, Magen Sanders, Megan Marlow, Kayla Johnson, Karina DaSilva

Back: Alex Rinkus, Emily Engler, Jill Kane, Julie Griffin, Liz Whetstone, Livia Bowman, Sarah Peterson, Caleb Ghione

Not pictured: Lauren Goss, Sydney Carlson, Angie Zamora, Alex Egertson



Front: Josiah Canto (Editor-in-Chief) ; Tori Dahl

Back Row: Eric Renn (Art Editor), Alex Egertson, Rachael Drew, Liz Whetstone

Not pictured: Magen Sanders (Assistant Editor); Josh Wood (Sound Editor)


Front: Karli Watland (Art Editor)

Back Row: Bret Bays, Lauren Coss (Editor-in-Chief), Katie Bierach (Assistant Editor), Nick Guarino, Mario Piumetti Jr

Front row: Mario Piumetti, Kate Hicks (Editor-in-Chief), Lauren Coss (Assistant Editor),
Katie Bierach, Nick Guarino, Shirley Wang

Back row: Amy Lever, Maggie Melo, Jonathon Pfeiffer, Ben Hengst (Art Editor),
Ashley Baltazar

Back corner: Matt Johnson, Shannon Anderson, Jenna Perry