Mathematics Department

Upcoming Events

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The Mathematics Seminar

The Math Department in conjuntion with the Math Club hosts a seminar speaker about once a month during the academic year.  These tend to be on Tuesday afternoons around 3 or 4 (we alternate). Leave room in your schedule to learn some great math.  Past seminars topics have included:

  • A Network Model for Ukulele Arrangements, Dr. Chris Brown
  • Calculus in the British Isles: The Rest of the Story, Dr. Mariah Birgen
  • An Introduction to Elliptic Curves:  Taxis, Tangents and other Trails, Dr.Matt DeLong
  • Euler's Formula for Polyhedra: Vertices, Faces, and Edges (Oh My!), Dr. Nathan Carlson
  • The Game of Hex, Dr. Jennifer Brown

CSUCI Seminars

Nearby university CSU Channel Islands holds math seminars on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. 


CLU math enthusiasts regularly attend the following annual conferences held in Southeran California

  • MAA SoCal-Nevada Fall Section Meeting (November 1, 2014, Pomona College)
  • AMS Western Fall Sectional Meeting (October 25-26, 2014, San Francisco State University)
  • Pacific Coast Undergraduate Math Conference (second Saturday in March)
  • MAA SoCal-Nevada Spring Section Meeting (usually in April; Students can present their mathematical work in the Poster Session)

Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Summer REU (research experiences for undergraduates) programs are NSF supported. Information on all of these can be found at:

Most of these sites conduct research in one or two areas of mathematics and have five to ten participants each summer, but there is considerable variation in the structure of the programs. All the programs provide the participants with a stipend and possibly other support. Most programs are quite selective, but the number of applications that the programs receive varies greatly so some programs are far more selective than others. Application deadlines vary but the earliest ones are around February 15 and the latest ones are in April, with most of them in late February or early March.