Mathematics Department

CLU's math graduates find employment in a number of industries, including engineering, actuarial science, education, business, computer science, finance, and the natural sciences. They're also accepted for graduate study at many top U.S. universities.

About the Program

If there's one major that attracts creative, critical thinkers, it's mathematics. The rigor, logic, and innovation required of math majors provide students with excellent preparation for a host of professions in the modern job market.

Cal Lutheran's broadly designed, challenging mathematics program features small classes that emphasize faculty-student interaction, access to state-of-the-art computer laboratories and in-classroom technology, an interdisciplinary approach to learning, and opportunities to build teaching skills by tutoring in the Math Lab.

New Major Requirements!

After a long period of discussion and debate, the CLU Math department has submitted and recieved approval for a curriculum revision that that will enable students to be better prepared for a variety of career options.  Students entering CLU in Fall 2011 or later are under the new program.  Note that if you entered CLU prior to Fall 2011, you may choose which catalog requirements to complete (old or new).    Even if you are finishing up under the old requirements, you still may want to take advantage of some of the newer aspects of our program (such as new classes and prereqs). 

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